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Pilosocereus Cactus Beautiful Medium

Pilosocereus Cactus Beautiful Medium

Pilosocereus Cactus Beautiful Medium

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Add a touch of tropical elegance to your garden with our stunning 5-year-old Pilosocereus cactus. Standing over 20 inches tall, this columnar beauty thrives in USDA zones 9 to 11. Known for its striking blue-green skin and vibrant yellow spines, the Pilosocereus cactus is a standout addition to any cactus collection. Perfect for warm climates, this fast-growing cactus can add 1 to 2 feet of height annually. Due to its sensitivity, we recommend pre-ordering for spring or summer. Bring home this unique desert species and enjoy its rare, night-blooming flowers and lush, fleshy fruits. Order now while supplies last!

Pilosocereus Cacti

5 Years Old

20 + inches Long

From mother plant

This cactus is an outdoor tropical columnar cactus that can be grown in USDA zones 9 and 11.

Maybe sensitive to ship in some zones in the winter. Will not ship in winter months please pre-order for Spring or Summer limited supply. 

Pilosocereus is a genus of cacti native to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Brazil. Containing many different species, Pilosocereus includes both cacti that are commonly used in cultivation and some that are so rare that they're almost unknown outside botanical sources. The most common houseplant in the genus is Pilosocereus pachycladus (also known as the blue column cactus), which large nurseries produce in bulk and sell wholesale.

This desert species has a branched form and grows fairly quickly, often adding between 1 and 2 feet of height a year. Those that flower do so at night and all are most easily identifiable by their attractive blue-green skin, which is complemented by bright yellow spines. Pilosocereus cacti are mostly tree-like, and their flowers are shaped like tubes and grow fleshy fruits. In cultivation, they are planted and grown year-round, mostly in greenhouses due to their large size and need for warmth in the winter. Their name derives from the Latin term for “hairy cereus,” thanks in part to their spiny aureoles, many of which have a golden tint.

Despite their large size, Pilosocereus cacti are commonly cultivated as domestic cacti in tropical areas due to their aesthetic beauty. Gardeners with the correct climate and enough space should consider plants from this genus for their landscape, while others can grow them on a smaller scale indoors.

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Common Name

Column cactus, blue torch cactus, woolly torch cactus

Botanical Name




Plant Type


Mature Size

6–12 ft. tall, 2–4 ft. wide

Sun Exposure


Soil Type

Sandy, Well-drained

Soil pH

Neutral to acidic

Bloom Time


Flower Color

White, white-yellow

Hardiness Zones

9–11 (USDA)

Native Area

Mexico, South America, Caribbean

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