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Dragon Fruit Plants Purple Buy2 Get1 Free

Purple Dragon Fruit Plant Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Purple Dragon Fruit Plant Buy 2 Get 1 Free

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Enhance your garden with our Purple Dragon Fruit Plant cuttings, now available with a special Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer! These 7+ inch cuttings from a mature, seven-year-old Hylocereus guatemalensis plant promise beautiful, vibrant purple flesh packed with health benefits. Rich in fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants like betacyanins and anthocyanins, these cuttings are perfect for starting your own dragon fruit orchard or adding a unique touch to your home or office garden. Easy to care for, each plant comes in a biodegradable pot and is ready for planting. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer. Order now and enjoy fast shipping with USPS Ground Advantage!

Purple Dragon Fruit Plant Purple Flesh Cuttings

Sale Purple Dragon Fruit Plant Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Hylocereus guatemalensis

7+ inches tall

Beautiful plant cuttings from a seven-year-old plant.

Purple dragon fruit, also known as purple pitaya or Hylocereus polyrhizus, is a fruit that came originally from South America and grows on vining cacti. The skin of this fruit looks like dragon scales and the flesh has a purple color from the betacyanins or anthocyanins, which are pigments that have health benefits. Purple dragon fruit is high in fiber, vitamin C, and other nutrients that can help prevent.

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How to care for Dragon Fruit plants

Inside Instructions

Your dragon fruit plant is in a biodegradable pot.

Small plants should be transplanted in other pots bigger 3-gallon pot with organic soil and no plants planted outside until older.

Just take the whole plant with the biodegradable pot and make a hole the size of the pot bury it in the organic soil.

You can put small plants in your house or greenhouse.

Outside Instructions

Use organic soil or Cactus Organic soil.

Put a layer of planting gravel in the bottom of the pot for drainage. If planning outside

We use 33-gal trash can. Drill many holes in the bottom of the trash can for drainage. Dig a hole bigger than the garbage can. Put your garbage can inside the hole. Take an 8 or 10' foot 2 by 4. Then staple burlap material on the outside of the 2 by 4. Put 2 by 4 towards the back of the garbage can. Fill 1/3 of gravel in the garbage can and then you can start filling with moist organic soil or cactus organic soil. Plant your dragon fruit plant. You will need some plant ties to tie your cactus to the 2 by 4. This garbage can method is for much older plants. On top of your soil off with mulch. Dragon fruit plants love that mulch. Water every 3 weeks as needed depending on your climate. Water soil moist (Not soggy)

If you live in a Sunny area or have your dragon fruit plants in a greenhouse, make sure that they have a shade cloth of 30%. This will help them from getting burnt.

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