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Kazake Pomegranate Tree

Kazake Pomegranate Tree Rare

Kazake Pomegranate Tree Rare

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Kazake Pomegranate Tree Rare

Beautiful trees!

24 to 30 inches + depends on availability.


Shipped Bare Root

About Kazake Pomegranate Tree

Kazake Russian Pomegranates are highly disease resistant. They are sweet tart in flavor with yellow or light red skin and dark red arils. The seed is hard and not recommended for swallowing. Kazake Pomegranate trees produce a large fruit and is capable of bearing an averate of 36 fruits per tree. They are resistant to fruit-cracking, and the fruits can be stored for longer than some other varieties. They can be grown in zones 6-10 and are cold hardy down to -5 degrees Fahrenheit.

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