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Hydroponics Growing System

Hydroponics Growing System

Hydroponics Growing System

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Experience the future of indoor gardening with our Hydroponics Growing System! This advanced setup features 12 pods and an LED grow light, ensuring your plants grow five times faster than in soil. Perfect for herbs, veggies, and fruits, the system uses full-spectrum technology with separate modes for leafy greens and flowering plants. The silent auto water circulation system keeps moisture and nutrients perfectly balanced, promoting healthier growth. With a complete indoor herb garden kit, including everything from containers to nutrient solutions, this hydroponic planter is ideal for anyone looking to cultivate a lush, thriving garden indoors. Order now and transform your gardening experience!

Indoor Garden Hydroponics Growing System,

Upgrade 12 Pods Plant Germination

with LED Grow Light

Hydroponic Planter Grower

Hydroponic Gardeners (12 Pods)

Comes with a Pack of Basil

5 Times Faster Than SoilThe indoor garden hydroponics growing system has established a good indoor growth environment for plant growth. The hydroponic growth system makes the plant grow 5 times faster than the plants in the soil, which is more convenient and healthier. Simply add plant seeds, water, and nutrients to hydroponic devices to watch the growth of plants.

2 Growing The hydroponic growing system with full-spectrum technology is more suitable for planting 2 different growing modes: Veggies and Fruits. The Veggie Mode enhances the BLUE light helping plants green leaves lush, and the Fruit Mode enhances the Red-light ensuring plants flowering and fruiting. As the plants grow, you can adjust the light panel to create a more suitable environment for your plants (19" Maximum).


Silent Auto Water Circulation SystemThe hydroponic garden system uses a professional water pump that runs every 30 minutes to create a perfect ecosystem to ensure the activity of moisture and nutrients and make plants grow faster and healthier. At the same time, the pump is extremely low noise during operation and does not affect rest.


More efficient 12 pods The Indoor Herb Garden ensures that your plants grow in a soil-free and pollution-free state. 12 pods design allows you to harvest 12 different plants at once! The 36-watt high-efficiency grow light in the indoor herbal garden implant makes your plant grow faster and stronger!


Full Indoor Herb Garden KitIncluding everything required for indoor planting, 1 AC adapter, 12 containers, 12 sponges, 12 tags, 12 lids, 12 support rods, and 2 nutrient solutions. This indoor garden hydroponics growing system is an ideal gift for Christmas and other festivals to family and friends!

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