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Dragon Fruit Plants White 8 inches White Flesh

Dragon Fruit Plants White

Dragon Fruit Plants White

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Discover the unique charm of our White Dragon Fruit Plants, sourced from robust six-year-old mother plants. Each cutting, rooted and ready for growth, features pristine white flesh. Known scientifically as Selenicereus Undatus, this variety is native to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Our plants, grown in organic soil, thrive in well-drained environments with full sun to partial shade. Perfect for home gardens, offices, or starting a dragon fruit orchard, these self-pollinating plants promise sweet, orange-skinned fruits. Available for pre-order, they are shipped promptly with USPS Ground Advantage. Order now to secure these rare, healthy, and beautiful dragon fruit plants!

White DRAGON FRUIT PLANTS 8+ inches White Flesh

From Six-Year-Old Mother Plant Cutting. Rooted

Pre-Order Most plants are rooted in 4 weeks.

Selenicereus Undatus Native of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia the fruit is red inside and orange skinned. This variety is the only orange dragon fruit known from the genus Selenicereus. It differs from the Hypomeres in color, harvesting time, and this fruit has thorns that occur on the fruit itself. The fruit are small to medium, usually weighting 0.5-0.75 lbs. The fruit ripens from late November to February, and it is certainly among the sweetest and tastiest of all the dragon fruit.

This variety is self-pollinating, and it will set fruit on its own. Knobbed, orange cactus fruit sharing some similarities with the Dragon Fruit (pitaya).

Dragon Fruit White Organic from.

This dragon fruit plant cutting is from a mother plant,

Rooted Cuttings- Rooted cuttings simply means the cutting taken off the mother plant has already been dried and replanted for long enough to allow the new roots to form.

A cutting with roots takes more time to produce, hence it costs more. It also will take to new soil better and grow faster than a cutting without roots.

Beautiful Healthy Plants!

Beautiful Fruit!

Self-pollinating, and it will set fruit on its own.

For Bigger and More Fruit Hand Pollinate,

Try our new Pollinating Kit for Sale

Grow in well-drained soils, in full sun to partial shade. Water this cactus regularly and do not allow the soil to dry out between watering organic soil in a biodegradable pot.

Pricing on these Black Rare Dragon Fruit Plants will go up as they grow bigger and cost more for shipping.

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Ready to ship. Buy before they are gone!

Buy it for your office!

Buy to start a Dragon Fruit orchard!

Buy a gift! Birthday, Anniversary,

Hanukkah, Christmas, Mother's Day,

Father day, Easter, Wedding Shower, Valentine's Day or

Just to Say I Love you!

How to care for Dragon Fruit plants

Inside Instructions

Your dragon fruit plant is in a biodegradable pot.

Small plants should be transplanted in other pots bigger 3-gallon pot with organic soil and no plants planted outside until older.

You can put small pants in your house or greenhouse.

Just take the whole plant with the biodegradable pot and make a hole the size of the pot bury it in the organic soil.

Outside Instructions

Use organic soil or Cactus Organic soil.

Put a layer of planting gravel in the bottom of the pot for drainage. If planning outside

We use 33-gal trash can. Drill many holes in the bottom of the trash can for drainage. Dig a hole bigger than the garbage can. Put your garbage can inside the hole. Take an 8 or 10' foot 2 by 4. Then staple burlap material on the outside of the 2 by 4. Put 2 by 4 towards the back of the garbage can. Fill 1/3 of gravel in the garbage can

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