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Black Jewel Orchid RARE Ceramic Orchid Pot

Black Jewel Orchid RARE Ceramic Orchid Pot

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Beautiful Black Jewel Orchid RARE from California
Size: Beautiful Black Jewel Orchid 2” Plus
Beautiful Black Jewel Orchid Comes With
5 Inch Ceramic Orchid Pot with Holes and Saucers
 Blue Planter
Size: clay orchid pots for plants, 5.5 inches in height,4.6 inches in outer diameter, 3.8 inches in bottom diameter
Also comes with 4 inch insert Pot Netted Basket
 Orchid Mix and Orchid Soil with Local Curbside Pickup.
 Beautiful Home Décor!
Curbside Pickup or Shipped Right to Your Door!
will not ship soil with only Plant and Planter if Shipped.
Local Curbside Pickup with Pot, Plant and Soil
Local Curbside Pickup for that special gift for someone.
About Ceramic Orchid Pots with Holes and Saucers
  • QUALITY OF THE PLANT POT: the planter pot is made of high-quality ceramics, hand polished, smooth texture, easy to clean, no fading, no cracking, no glaze falling, beautiful and durable.
  • FUNCTION OF THE FLOWERPOT: the plant pot has drainage holes and a movable base, which can be used to collect excess water without leakage, creating a healthy growth environment for potted plants and preventing bottom water from corroding plant roots.

  • FASHIONABLE DESIGN: the flowerpot appearance is simple and fashionable, suitable for indoor and outdoor, home, courtyard, office and other places, will bring fashionable atmosphere to any place.
  • SUITABLE FOR PLANTING A VARIETY OF PLANTS: two different sizes are suitable for planting different plants, including orchids, succulent plants, ferns, aloes, cacti and other flower plants, brightening up your living place.

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