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Yellow Palora Dragon Fruit Plants Buy One Get One Free

Yellow Palora Dragon Fruit Plants Small

Yellow Palora Dragon Fruit Plants Small

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Palora Dragon Fruit Plants Yellow (Buy One Get One Free)

Organic, From Seed Rooted

Size 8 inches +


Size Depends on Availability

Palora is a Dragon Fruit variety from the genus Selenicereus and the species megalanthus. It gets its name from the town where it is grown commercially called, Palora, in Ecuador, South America. This variety is similar to its relative Yellow Dragon with a few exceptions. Growth is not as sensitive and more aggressive with a similar appearance, and fruits are more significant with the same flavor and texture.

Our nursery is not open to the public.

We specialize in picking the best plants that are healthy. We cannot take pictures of all our plants for you to pick out. Different sizes are different prices.

These are pictures of some plants we have in stock.

You may not receive a plant that looks the same as the picture, maybe better. We cannot take pictures of all our plants, there are too many in stock to take individual pictures,

Thanks for understanding!


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