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Dragon Fruit Plant Purple Mini Bonsai Dwarf Rare

Dragon Fruit Plant Purple Mini Bonsai Dwarf Rare

Dragon Fruit Plant Purple Mini Bonsai Dwarf Rare

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Discover the beauty and rarity of our Dragon Fruit Plant Purple Mini Bonsai Dwarf. Perfect for small apartments, patios, and offices, this unique plant grows slowly, reaching a mature height of 3 to 4 feet. Pre-order now, as supplies are limited! Enjoy the vibrant purple hue and health benefits of this exotic fruit, rich in fiber and vitamin C. Ideal for gifting on any occasion or adding a touch of nature to your space. Each plant is meticulously rooted from seed and shipped with care. Enhance your collection with this rare and beautiful bonsai today!

Dragon Fruit Plant Purple Mini Bonsai Dwarf

“Rare Rare” Rare”

Pre- Order! Supplies are Limited.

Very Small Slow Growing

Size of Plant 6 inches +

Beautiful Plant Rooted from Seed

Getting new starts!

Great for People Where Space is limited as

Small Apartments, Patios, Small offices with limited Space

Plant Maturity Height 3 to 4 foot

Hylocereus guatemalensis

Not Currently Available (Until After 1st of the Year)

Pre- Order! Supplies are Limited.

Purple dragon fruit, also known as purple pitaya or Hylocereus polyrhizus, is a fruit that came originally from South America and grows on vining cacti. The skin of this fruit looks like dragon scales and the flesh has a purple color from the betacyanins or anthocyanins, which are pigments that have health benefits. Purple dragon fruit is high in fiber, vitamin C, and other nutrients that can help prevent.

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How to care for Dragon Fruit plants

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