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Beautiful Black Jewel Orchid Rare with Planter

Beautiful Black Jewel Orchid Rare with Planter

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Enhance your home décor with our Beautiful Black Jewel Orchid, a rare treasure from California. This stunning 2”+ orchid comes with a 4.1-inch blue ceramic planter, featuring multiple air circulation holes and a drainage saucer, ensuring healthy root growth. Additionally, it includes a 3-inch netted basket for effortless watering and an orchid mix for optimal care. Whether for a special gift or personal enjoyment, this exquisite plant is perfect for indoor or outdoor settings. Enjoy local curbside pickup or have it shipped directly to your door (plant and planter only for shipped orders). Elevate your space with this unique, elegant orchid!

Beautiful Black Jewel Orchid RARE from California

Size:  Beautiful Black Jewel Orchid 2” Plus

Beautiful Black Jewel Orchid Comes With 4.1 Inch Ceramic Orchid Planter with Holes and Saucers

Color Blue Also comes with 3 inch insert Pot Netted Basket for easy watering.

Orchid Mix and Orchid Soil with Local Curbside Pickup.

Beautiful Home Décor!

Curbside Pickup or Shipped Right to Your Door!

will not ship soil Only Plant and Planter if Shipped.

Local Curbside Pickup with Pot, Plant and Soil

Local Curbside Pickup for that special gift for someone.

About Ceramic Orchid Pots with Holes and Saucers

  • 【 Premium Quality 】 Made of Top-Quality ceramic and baked high temperature, each Ceramic flowerpots features great durability and crack resistance. All packages have passed the 3-foot drop test to ensure the pots stay intact during delivery.

  • 【 Perfect Size and Classic】 And the orchid side body specially designed lots of holes help for air circulation and keep root healthy, it's orchid first choice.

  • 【 Perfect Air Flow and Drainage 】 The ceramic orchid pots side body have specially designed multiple holes for promotes air circulation and it has drainage hole in the bottom help for better drain and benefit for root grow healthy. Orchid pot with attached saucer could collect excess water keep your planting place cleaning.

  • 【 Good for Indoor or Outdoor 】The orchid planters with attached saucer, it can keep cleaning on the planting area, so you can put them at your living room, bedroom, balcony, windowsill, table, working desk and other indoor or outdoor sense.
  • 【Customers Come First We will do our very best to make sure you are Very happy with your purchase of Our Plant Arrangements!


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